Building an SMB Credit Platform

I had a blast speaking with Ken So, CEO and Founder of and Ken is an industry expert when it comes to credit modeling and analytics. Flowcast is an enterprise AI fintech founded in 2015 and is used by some of the largest banks in the world to better assess credit risk for their customers. Ken took the knowledge gained from building a successful credit analysis solution and launched Tillful last year to help serve the SME/SMB markets, targeting underbanked and historically credit invisible borrowers to help more small business owners gain access to credit and capital. Tillful currently provides free business credit scoring, monitoring, funding and will be releasing a first-of-its-kind credit building card in the coming months in partnership with BaaS provider & previous guest Highnote as well as Mastercard.

Keep an eye on Tillful. I expect big things in the next 12 to 24 months.

Enjoy, Jeff

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Jeff Forkan

Jeff Forkan


Fintech enthusiast trying to learn and help others understand the evolution banking as a service platforms.